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Debby Ryan Some songs are nice songs I wrote about nice boys. This is not one of those songs. https://vine.co/v/MnITE2K1FUE "Keep your hands off me I'm not your beauty queen I know you like 'em long and lean and On the edge of seventeen..." #ONE624
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Fast Company A new study I completed at the Columbia University J-school says there is a strong relationship between the "social deviance" of the event or topic in a headline and the number of retweets it gets on Twitter.
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MarketWatch "Everybody tells you that if you want to land a job, you need to learn advanced skills. But everyone is wrong." http://on.mktw.net/1f6jWfp
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Whoopi Goldberg She went out in style! I tip a dread to her. http://www.theneworleansadvocate.com/home/8975606-172/socialite-easterling-goes-out-as
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William Shakespeare Celebrating the 450th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare today!
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Emily Giffin Want to see my office where I wrote THE ONE & ONLY (and now writing the script for SOMETHING BLUE)? Really enjoyed this interview with Melissa Long 11Alive! #OneandOnly
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BBC World Service Which book would you leave for people to find unexpectedly? Which surprise read would improve their lives and broaden their minds? This is Dan Damon with World Update. It's World Book Night, encouraging people to leave books around to spread the reading habit. The Reading Agency, behind the event, says "everything changes when we read." A couple of years ago I found an Anthony Trollope novel on the ticket barrier at the underground station near the BBC. I hadn't read Trollope since school and realised what I'd been missing. So it works! What would you want to find? What book would you rather people didn't discover? And how healthy is the literature scene in your country?
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Busta Rhymes I helped @BeatsMusic bring the ultimate 90s Hip Hop playlist to the stage-see for yourself: http://beats.mu/dUVy
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Mark Brown I adore my kids. And yet there are times when they test the limits. But not once have I thought about hitting them. I cannot understand how anyone would consider it acceptable to physically discipline a child. But what about the Bible verse, 'Spare the rod and spoil the child?' Well that isn't actually in the Bible. Its from a 17th century poem by Samuel Butler called “Hudibras”. And what about Proverbs 13:24, 'Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.' The Hebrew best can be understood as, 'Whoever fails to exercise his parental authority hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to instruct and correct him.' There are no biblical grounds for striking a child, only cultural reasons. If you do have the practice of beating your children, I encourage you to stop; all you are doing is scaring them and teaching them that violence is the way to get what you want.
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Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
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