What Talking is going on about Auntie Karlie on social media networks

Gina Britt Karlie Meares, Payton Elizabeth Britt, Emilee Britt..Aunt Gina will always have your back. Love you girls.
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Dale Grady Have had an amazing day today mowed the yard and went to the shops and tgen dad pop and mic and I had a few beers at the pub thenbwe had turkish food for lunch followed bye a drink and then we chilled and aunty lisa and the kids came over and Karlie Van Dyck and Michael Van Dyck went out for dinner so Lisa Kerr and mum and Shane Lovelock Corey Lovelock Breanna Lovelock and the kids went to maccas gad a feed came home and now jethro is asleep and we are just relaxing st home
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Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
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