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Algernon Trust Rescue & Rehoming Sanctuary We would both like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has helped us to get our boy back. It has been an emotional week and we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received. I am sorry if I have missed any messages to my personal account. It is just crazy! We will be donating the rest of the money back to NAYBR and we will be making a personal donation to Patterdale mountain rescue. Murphy is absolutely fine. Had a good sleep, has dioareah as expected but is keeping food and water down. When he came in from outside just a minute ago he went to his favourite place....
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Alexander McLaren Dale My Mom’s 8th grade class at Hawthorne School in Beverly Hills, 1937-1938. She is in the second row, 4th from the left. I graduated from Hawthorne 26 years later, but Mom and I had the same English teacher, Miss Murphy, as did my Uncle and my brother.
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Coralee Schindel Aww, I miss Brittany Murphy romantic comedies! :)
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Alec Robinson Good seeing my long lost buddy tonight Michael Murphy miss you man!!!
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Hope Smith who drops a potato in their lap at dinner?? of course miss Murphy's law does.
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Falstina Smith My aunt Tresa Smith benefit was great! So happy to see everyone that came an ones that couldn't make it thanks for all ur donation! Sheila F Hicks an Genie Hammond u all done great with food! Aunt Tresa everyone loves you :) The Band that played was awesome! Thanks Matt an the band! Touch my ❤️! If I missed someone I'm sorry just know we thanks you very much! Billie Jo Stephens Murphy was our winner for the two nite stay @ State Park
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Dean Omeros Well I think it's about time I made a post about Good Friday at #IRH had the best day/night/morning EVER celebrating with the best company one boy could ever ask for! Thank you everyone for making it so memorable and special for me and the most beautiful birthday boy in the world Jonathon. Special thanks to David, Mike, Todd, Charlotte, Stephanie, Stephan, Benjamin, Belinda, Nicole, Sam, Steven, Carlton, Devon, Shalini, Paul, Zachary, Mark and everyone else I may have missed. I LOVE YOU ALL! HAPPY EASTER! Thanks Dan Murphy and Sean Mcintyre for organizing such a fabulous party! Xoxo
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Heni Edina Hangodi ❤️
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Boxer Welfare Scotland Great news to share with you all Murphy the boxer dog missing in the Lake District has been FOUND whoo whoo whoo x
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Khem Suthiwan Can I get a WOOT WOOT for Miss Amber Murphy!!! Sooooo proud of her for making it to the top of Deer Creek Canyon today!!!
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Tuxie the President of the CauliflowerEar Cat Club OMC! OMC! MEOW and good day! I got an Easter present from Miss Petra and Murphy! All the way from Germany! It a Pepe Le Pew toy filled with GERMAN NIP!!!! OMC OMC OMC! I bunny kicked so much! Oh thank you so so much! Mine mine mine! NIP!
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Melissa Dorman "Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he's owned a dog. A dog can show you more honest affection with a flick of his tail than a man cangather through a lifetime of handshakes." Yesterday we lost Murphy. He was one of the sweetest most loveable dogs! I will miss him so much xoxo
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MissMurphy.nl 5 fashion-items I would repurchase http://wp.me/p31D9H-2X9
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Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
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