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el-live productions Thank you Miss Whitebread Julianne Costa for all the amazing times with el-live, you are the irreplaceable part of our family.
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Philip Pace My sugars!
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Derek Johnson So SUPRISE!!! I record some demos and I put them online today. I hope you guys enjoy! Ian Brown Ian Munsick Ben Mueller Benjamin McAnelly Audra Elyse Vogler Chris Lott Jason Simons Graham Johnson Reid Johnson Brady Dyer Mark H. Maxwell Mark Polny Mandie Guy Channing Moreland Morgan Bosman Mary Anna Davis Shelby Nicole Goldsmith Monica Vandehei Jenifer Olivia Abercrombie Taylor RadickAlexandria Danielle Hurst Dan Murphy Daniel Thomas McNulty Steph Bacon Mike St. Germain Mike Boland Mike D'Ancona Greg Noetzel Greg Troyan Andy Dodds Chase Detrick Brittany Price Brittany Doseck Jeremy Dilley James Holland James Alben Shockley James R. Wigginton Samantha Burger Katie Anderson Katelyn Smith Lane Southard Sean O'Brien Chris Wade Chris Baldani Chris Wright Jordan Clarke Jordan Ruiz Stacey Brooke Willis Kristie Romano Cameron Newby, and in case I missed anyone let them know it's nothing personal! http://noisetrade.com/derekjohnsonmusic/demo-sessions-2013-2014
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Matt Stewart I miss Brittney Murphy.
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Kevin Gutzman Wait, a group called The Dropkick Murphys is associated with the Boston Red Sox? Did I miss something?
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Ana-Capree Robinson Guess who's coming to Embassy Gospel Church this Sunday night, Yep, thats right...Miss Murphy. Woo! Hoo! She's our guest performer so come on down, everyone is welcome! Embassy Gospel Church, 76 Lakemba Street, Lakemba. 6pm Sharp. :)
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New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA) NYS Restaurant Association member and NYC Chapter President, Marc Murphy, attends the White House Easter Egg Roll and cooks with First Lady Michelle Obama. Check out the video!
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Zanzibar Hair Studio Please share let's get this event as much attention as we can! Thks
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Mark Bray 15 years ago, we received a phone call that changed my family's life forever. It was, and remains to be, the saddest days of my life. On April 22, 1999 my Uncle Jim died suddenly at the age of 35. He was found my my grandparents. I'll never forget my mother collapsing with the phone in her hand while crying hysterically when she got the news. It was a Thursday. I even remember what I was watching on tv. That day is burned into my memory. James Murphy was a loving young man. He was a kind young man. He was my hero. I miss you everyday, Uncle Jim. Thank you for teaching me how to be a great uncle. I'm doing my best to be that to my nieces and nephews. Sadly, I know I could never be just like you. You were one on a million. I love you.
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Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
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