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Prashant Singh Atal true copy of the result sheet published by the returning officer in the Oudh Bar Association Election-14 for the post of Vice President (Middle) according to which votes are as under. 1.Prashant Singh 'Atal'-825 2.Gaurav Mishra -802 3.Ravindra Yadav-405 4.Alok SIngh-366 5.Prince Lelin-315. 6 A.S Parihar-312 7 Rajeev Verma-228 8. Sunil Srivastava-262 9. Praful Upadhay-193 10.Dineesh Tripathi-187 11. R.K.S.Suryavanshi-181 12. Avnish Kr. Singh-143 13.Nand Kishore Singh-53
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Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
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