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Ouida Collins I literally laughed out loud today while rounding. I met two little boys earlier this week ages 5 and 7. So today when I visit their grandmother I chatted with them as well. I found out that someone ate an entire box of cookies the night before and had yet to confess. (Insert bickering children). The grandmother looks at them and states, "Mable is watching you". They quickly become perfect angels. Me: "who's Mable?" The daughter whispers, "you know Mable Simmons...Madea in the Tyler Perry movies. They are afraid of her!" ROTFL
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Mike Drouillard Anyone know where i can find tyler little?
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Lesley Madding INPUT PLEASE : Tyler Kate Marbry Kamren Tyler Marbry Kamren Allayna Marbry Collens McCall Marbry Collens Allayna Marbry Ryley Chase Marbry Winston Marbry says I can't name a girl, a boy name, just because I wanted one. Just know THATS NOT WHY! Lol I LOVE tuff little girl names, always have!
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Emma Barrett Can't believe Tyler's little friend Jayden didn't get into reception, Tyler will be upset, it's a disgrace
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Chris Woods Poor little Tyler, eati g dinner last night shoved fork in top of mouth, screamed in pain, had look kilkte red Mark, then this morning at breaky same thing but only chewing a breaky bar, had him down dentist, poor Sod might av to have tooth out grrrrr
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OCEAN DEFENDER - Hawaii Well, it's asking a lot we know... ...but follow Steven Tyler's example when you encounter a monk seal in the wild. Ok to get your selfie, but keep a respectful distance (maybe a little bit further)! Happy Earth Day everyone! OCEAN DEFENDER - Hawaii is going to go rock out to Aerosmith now. Via Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program
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Loraine Mia Hayes 9 more weeks and 6 days to go for our little Tyler Adamson to be born :) Can't wait!!!!!!
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Malone University More golf news - it's a little complicated; bottom line, there was a tie for Player of the Year - and they're both 'Neers! Congratulations to Tyler AND Nate! #wearepioneers http://www.malonepioneers.com/news/2014/4/22/MGOLF_0422143201.aspx
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Doris Allen Awwwweeee. He is so cute. Little Tyler will be right in there with sun glasses on.
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Jane Lewis A big happy sixth birthday to my little Tyler mummy loves u loads x x x x x x
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Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
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