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Natalie Jemma http://youtu.be/hjHnWz3EyHs Amazing 80year old woman deserves to perform in front of queen. Who hasn't seen this should watch it n share it. I would love to do this at 80. Paulajaine Megapants Goodwin Pauline Richardson Terrie-Louise Hollinrake Sandra Kenyon Roxane Ellen Doyle Sinead Bradley Shelley King Laura Rostron Lauren LovesLife Smith Romii Jo Leo Savage Sammy Morris Sophie Whitby Sarah McGuire Sasha Fleming Emma-claire Hartley Nathan Hughes Leah Nuttall Alexandra Chambers Aly Doyle Karen Marie Welsh Marnie Kennedy Toni Smith Emma Kitcher Peeps need to vote for her xx
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Thomas Fleming Wow ... I remember feeling the exact same way!!! Dana Leigh Fleming Marie Fleming Sue Fleming
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Sharon Burns Hi Everyone once again I must apologise for disturbing you again if you have already filled this in and shared it but it is my last couple of days to get it done and I need some more responses to it so thank you for taking the time to do it thanks x. Kylie Allison, Tom Allison, Tracey-anne Shaw, Avonbridge Hall, Fiona Blair Ainslie, Coral Leigh Alexandra Barron, Gemma Allison, Annemarie Blair McCulloch, Susan Ann Campbell, Toni Armstrong, Anna Purvis, Cara Allison, Andrea Robertson, Christine Allison, Alex Maxwell, Alexander Maxwell, Angie Blair, Anne-marie Kirkwood, Ashley Blair, Adam Maxwell, Yvonne Allison, Stacey Allison, Alex Maxwell, William Allison, Hugh Allison, Leigh-Anne Humphreys, Annabelle Ryan, Audrey Currie, Abbie Johnston, William Allison, Alana Jack, Adela Fleming, Margaret Totten, Stacy Bell, Kayleigh Burns, Sharon Burns, Nikkita Burns, Mary Blair, Chris N Sonny Bennie, Holly Barron, Gordon Burns, Callum Brown, John Burns, Blair Graham, Bobbie Carson, Nichola Bell, Claire Harley, Geoffrey Carson, Connor Maxwell, Chris Maxwell, Claire Love, Dell Roach, Drew Lightowlers, Jane Dow, Jack Douglas, David Burns, David Orr, Elaine Maxwell, Evelyn Maxwell, Emma McCulloch, Emma-louise Maxwell, Emma Maxwell, Eileen Forsyth, Fiona Findlay, Fiona Mackintosh, Jane Findlay, Frank Morrison, Shannon McCabe Gillespie, Janie Graham, Lorna Graham, James Graham, Brian Graham, James Graham, Ryan Graham, Lisa Henderson, Maureen Hewitt, Sarah Hill, Louise Henderson, Heather McInally, Karen Hughes, Stefanie Hunter, Laura Irvine, Izzy Small, Isabelle Rintoul, Sheralee Maxwell, Jo Stewart, Jean Rankin, Jackie Keith Smith, Jason Maxwell, Jordan Ormsby, June Maxwell, June Maxwell, Jared Maxwell, Carolann Jack, Jennifer Johnson, Jacqui Reid, Jack Maxwell, Jennifer Watson, Kay Sheridan, Keith Maxwell, Karen Morton Robertson, Lorrayne Kane, Kay Ormsby, Kallie Roach, Kayleigh Shanks, Kenny Maxwell, Karen Bannan, Stephanie Lightowlers, Leeanna Rankin, Natasha Little, Laura Terry Murray, Linda Rodger, Lauren Traynor, Liz Henderson, Nicolle Maxwell, Pam Mcmillan, Sandi McGill, Martha Thomson, Megan Shaw, Natalie Melia, Michelle Ronald, Yvonne Mcilwraith, Senga Marshall, Natalie Weston, Chris Newton, Natalie Cunningham, Vikki Purvis, Stevie Purvis, Tam Robertson, Russell Rankin, Vivianne Ryce Moore,
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Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
Buffalo hits Lion and throws in air
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