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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: State Legislatures and ALEC (HBO)
While midterm coverage is largely focused on the parts of Congress that do very little, vital (and bizarre) midterm elections are going unexamined. State legislators pass a lot of bills, and...
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United States of ALEC
September 28, 2012: Moyers & Company presents "United States of ALEC," a report on the most influential corporate-funded political force most of America has never heard of -- ALEC, the American...
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"ALEC Rock" Produced by Mark Fiore (http://www.markfiore.com) and the Center for Media and Democracy (http://www.prwatch.org), which is the creator of ALECexposed (http://www.alecexposed.org),.
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Alec Baldwin's Tony Bennett Impression - David Letterman
Alec shares the origin of his Tony Bennett impression on SNL and showers Dave with retirement gifts.
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Alec Baldwin's Going To Be a Dad Again - David Letterman
Alec Baldwin and Dave talk about having sons in their 50s, and Dave shares a photo of Alec's daughter.
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Keiser Report: Meeting of Megaminds (E665, ft.Russell Brand & Alec Baldwin)
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert host a two part interview with award-winning film and television actor, Alec Baldwin, and comedian, actor, author and host...
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Rare Sir Alec Guinness Interview September 1986
Rare Sir Alec Guinness Interview September 1986.
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Top 10 Alec Baldwin Moments
This guy's so versatile; he can change his personality, his voice -- even his face! In honor of the release of "Blue Jasmine," starring Alec Baldwin and Cate Blanchett, on July 26th, 2013,...
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One Direction - Night Changes (Cover) By Alec Bailey
https://twitter.com/TheAlecBailey http://instagram.com/thealecbailey.
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Alec Majerus Flip 3 Raw - TransWorld SKATEboarding
Alec took some serious diggers for his Flip 3 part! See what went into that massive backside 360 and then some.
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Alec in WILDerland - Across America: Part 6
Season 5 Finale - Florida Keys! The epic adventure concludes! http://www.alecinwilderland.com Twitter @alecwilderland Topics include: Fishing, Key West, endangered sea turtles, cicada life...
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Alec in WILDerland - Australia: Part 3
HD. Alec in WILDerland Australia Special: Part 3. Finale of the Australia adventure! http://www.alecinwilderland.com Exploring and adventuring over 2000 miles in Queensland, Australia!...
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Rare Star Wars 1977 Alec Guinness Interview on Parkinson Talk Show
Rare 1977 Alec Guinness Interview on Star Wars on Parkinson Talk Show https://twitter.com/ClassicStarWars https://www.facebook.com/ClassicStarWars I do not own this commercial Copyright: ...
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Alec Baldwin - Interview Letterman 2013 09 12 HQ
No description available.
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Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's Opening Monologue: 2010 Oscars
Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, co-hosts of the 82nd Academy Awards.
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Alec Baldwin's Tracy Morgan Impersonation 12/05/11
Watch Conan Clips and more @http://TeamCoco.com.
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Girl Fight Back
Girl Fight Back
Elders React to Grand Theft Auto
Elders React to Grand Theft Auto
29 Celebrity Impressions
29 Celebrity Impressions
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