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Ultimate Jared Allen Highlights
Ultimate Jared Allen Highlights.
596 days ago
‘Top 100 Players of 2014’: Jared Allen
Chicago Bears defensive end Jared Allen is voted the 68th-best player in the NFL by his peers on "Top 100 Players of 2014."
204 days ago
Mayne Event Wes Welker & Jared Allen
Off Season interview of most interesting players.
2332 days ago
Jared Allen gets in a fight
Jared Allen gets in a fight with Tampa bay buccaneers Donald Penn. Allen gets crowd involved and record a sack on the very next play!!!
979 days ago
Jared Allen's Mullet
jared Allen discusses his signature mullet and the accompanying lifestyle it demands. KEYWORDS: NFL PLAYERS, NFLPA, football, touchdown, sport, helmet, ...
2057 days ago
Jared Allen | The Giant of the North
A video tribute to one of the greatest pass rusher in the Minnesota Vikings and NFL history. DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit video, made for entertainment ...
479 days ago
Jared Allen hunts elk with a spear
Highly Questionable with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones airs weekdays at 3:30 PM ET on ESPN2.
1327 days ago
Previewing Super Bowl XLIX with Jared Allen
He played both the Patriots and Seahawks this season, Bears defensive end, Jared Allen, provides answers from first hand experience on some of the biggest ...
155 days ago
Vikings' Jared Allen funny media clips before Seahawks match
Minnesota Vikings Jared Allen funny presser highlights, talks about Taylor Swift concert with Darrell Bevell, facing Seahawks, Percy Harvin, Seattle crowd noise.
595 days ago
Eli Manning sacked by Jared Allen with one hand!
Jared Allen treats Eli like he's in 3rd grade.... and Eli tries to get lose like a 3rd grader. Owned! MIN @ NYG.
619 days ago
Jared Allen 2009 Highlights
Jared Allen 2009 season Highlights 14.5 Sacks 5 Forced Fumbles 51 Tackles 1 Interception 1 Safety.
1989 days ago
Vikings Jared Allen Explains his Mullet
Jared Allen, the defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings (NFL) team, elaborates on his haircut. ?Well not, it's not a superstition, it?s just a lifestyle man, that?s my ...
2520 days ago
Jared Allen Highlights
Minnesota Vikings Defensive End Jared Allen's Highlights.
1546 days ago
Ultimate Jared Allen Highlights
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469 days ago
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Swimming Pigs
Jennifer Lawrence funny oscar interview.
Jennifer Lawrence funny oscar interview.
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Girls On Their Periods
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