What Talking is going on about Putin on Youtube

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Putin: Anything US touches turns into Libya or Iraq
Answering questions during a Q&A session at the “Seliger-2014” youth forum, Russian president Vladimir Putin pointed to Iraq and Libya as examples of 'doomed...
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Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order. Part 1.
Vladimir Putin Traitor to the One World Government & The NWO. Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3boC2D-iviI Pictured is a young Vladimir Putin, who was ...
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Putin: Prince Charles' Hitler remark unacceptable, unroyal behavior
Russian President Vladimir Putin accused UK Prince Charles of unacceptable and unroyal behaviour by comparing him with Adolf Hitler. Earlier Moscow demanded ...
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CrossTalk: The Secret of Putin's Success
Who is Vladimir Putin and why is he demonized by Western governments and media? At the same time, he is wildly popular among Russians and admired around the ...
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Snowden asks Putin LIVE: Does Russia intercept or store comms?
Russian special services are using special media for tapping and spying only on the decision of the court, says Vladimir Putin answering the question by form...
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Putin: Russia doesn't defend Assad, we defend international law
Russia needs convincing proof, not rumors, from UN experts that chemical weapons were used in Syria, said the Russian president in an interview with First Ch...
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Der Deutsche Stefan Dürr hat Putin zu den Sanktionen gegen EU geraten
2 September 2014, ZDF-morgenmagazin. Der Deutsch-Russische Unternehmer Stefan Dürr hat im Zuge seiner Milchproduktion für Europa Wladimir Putin kennengelernt...
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Putin & Obama Go On "Dr. Phil" Show
President Obama and Vladimir Putin visit the Dr. Phil Show to try and settle their differences. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: http...
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Russian President Vladimir Putin's Movie Reviews
Jimmy reads President Putin's reviews of popular U.S. movies in the wake of Russia announcing a potential boycott of Hollywood films. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:...
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Putin erklärt, warum der Westen antirussische Propaganda betreibt
Russlands Staatspräsident Wladimir Putin erklärt, warum der Westen permanent mediale und politische antirussische Politik führt. Ausschnitte aus neueren Inte...
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Video: Putin enters leopard cage at Sochi National Park
Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Breeding and Rehabilitation Center for leopards at Sochi National Park. He went into the cage with a wild animal...
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Moving Illusions
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What does it mean to be A girl.
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