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Putin: Anything US touches turns into Libya or Iraq
Answering questions during a Q&A session at the “Seliger-2014” youth forum, Russian president Vladimir Putin pointed to Iraq and Libya as examples of 'doomed...
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Putin's New Year Address 2015: Reunification with Crimea landmark in national history
President Putin has addressed the Russian nation, congratulating the people on a hard but fruitful year. He praised Crimea's reunification with Russia, and c...
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OIL COLLAPSE: Putin to Go Nuclear on U.S. Sanctions
In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains why Putin will go nuclear in response to U.S. sanctions. AMTV Website: http://www.amtvmedia.com Donate ...
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Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order. Part 1.
Vladimir Putin Traitor to the One World Government & The NWO. Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3boC2D-iviI Pictured is a young Vladimir Putin, who was ...
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Hillary Clinton impersonates Vladimir Putin
Asked about whether she 'decides to be' U.S. president, Hillary Clinton impersonates Russian leader Vladimir Putin.
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Putin: If Europe doesn't want our gas, we will redirect resources, build new pipeline
Russia is forced to withdraw from the South Stream project due to the EU's unwillingness to support the pipeline, and gas flows will be redirected to other c...
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Watch: PM Modi-President Putin's joint press statement
Russia's President Vladimir Putin held talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday as sanctions-hit Moscow tries to strengthen energy, defence and st...
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RAW: Putin shakes hands with Aussie motorcycle cops before boarding for G20 exit
Following an avalanche of media speculations over the motives for his early departure from the G20 summit, the Russian President Vladimir Putin explained the...
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Tough Talk: Putin's key quotes from Valdai speech
Vladimir Putin criticized the West for "sawing at branches" with sanctions against Russia and releasing a "genie in a bottle" with color revolutions. RT look...
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Putin: West wants to chain the Russian bear, no way they'll stuff it
Western nations want to chain “the Russian bear,” pull out its teeth and ultimately have it stuffed, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned. He said anti-Ru...
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CrossTalk: Who is Mr Putin?
What is Putin's image in the West? How has Putin evolved since he was elected in 2000? With an approval rating of 88 percent, what is driving his popularity?...
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Nigel Farage: Stop playing wargames with Putin
Descriptionhttp://www.ukipmeps.org | @Nigel_Farage • European Parliament, Strasbourg, 16 September 2014 • Speaker: Nigel Farage MEP, Leader of the UK Indepen...
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PUTIN just brought the ROTHSCHILD WORLD SYSTEM to their knees
WOW friends. Is this really happening? We need to be dancing in the street. YE HAA, this is sooo awesome. We were about to crash and burn, war, ebola, fukush...
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Overly attached girlfriend.
Overly attached girlfriend.
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29 Celebrity Impressions
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